Valérie Ekoumè

Growing up in a family of musicians, Valérie Ekoumè is a French-Cameroonian singer who was raised listening to various musical styles, from congolese rumba and traditional Cameroonian music to mainstream eighties pop. She credits Miriam Makeba (Mama Africa) and Whitney Houston as her ‘virtual vocal coaches’, as she found herself singing along to their music at every opportunity at home.

Ekoumè’s musical career took off in 2004 when she started to actively work and tour with Manu Dibango and the Soul Makossa Gang. Then in 2005, she joined the American School Of Modern Music in Paris, where she studied and trained for 5 years. For her latest album, Ekoumè has teamed up with producer, arranger and drummer Guy Nwogang, digging deeper into her Cameroonian roots.