People are usually very honest at Oyé, but please keep an eye on all of your belongings at all times.


There will be plenty of public toilets, including accessible toilets, around the Oyé festival site.


We all know kids can go walk about and be out of sight in a blink of an eye, so please keep an eye on your children at all times. Any lost children must be reported to the stewards on the festival site as a matter of urgency. Please ask our stewards for a wristband for your child, and they’ll write your phone number on there, in case of any emergencies!


Please keep your dog on a leash, they might not seem scary to you, but they can be scary to children and some adults too. Please keep any aggressive dogs away from the main festival site.

Keep Oyé Tidy

Let us all continue to enjoy this beautiful green space. Please bag up your rubbish and throw it in the wheelie bins and skips we have provided. Look out for the clear plastic bags for all your recyclables.

Please help us and use the recycling points, separating as appropriate.

We’d like to keep shaving a layer off of our carbon footprint, save time and use the money we have to spend on waste more constructively. Please be conscious of what you bring and be prepared to take some of it away with you.